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5-fache Leistung mit dem ENSIS TWIST 1Board5Sports für vielseitige Sportler oder die ganze Familie. Die revolutionäre konkave Outline bringt große Vorteile in allen Sportarten. Die breite Nose und das Tail bieten außergewöhnliche Stabilität und Kontrolle im Wasser, beim Beschleunigen und beim Fliegen. Bei der Landung im Wasser ermöglicht die breite Nose sanfte Sturzflüge. Die unterschiedlichen Rocker-Linien des Double Channel Bottom Shapes sorgen für den perfekten Winkel des Foils, Kontrolle bei Bottom Turns und Halsen beim Windsurfen und Wellenreiten und bewahren dennoch das lockere Gefühl.

DREHUNG 95, 125, 145

Wing Foil, Windsurf Foil, Windsurf, SUP Foil, SUP

ENSIS twist

Wing and SUP foil performance
The TWIST is great for all riders who love the loose feeling of riding a strapless long board. The board is very easy to get started even in choppy waters and it keeps a straight line while accelerating. Straps can be mounted.

Ideal foil (move it to the very front)
– ENSIS FLOW 1550 for wing foiling
– ENSIS PACER 2000 for light wind/heavier rider and for SUP foiling

ENSIS twist

Windsurf foil performance
The TWIST is perfectly balanced to use as a windsurf foil board. You’ll love the stability and control while accelerating, flying and jibing.
Rigg position: Further back than when windsurfing with a fin.
Foil position: Start with the middle position and move step by step back.
Footstrap position: The back foot should be slightly behind the mast of the foil. Test until you’re comfortable.

ENSIS twist

Windsurf performance
This family friendly concept board with a thruster fin set up offers different windsurfing options. Mount the US fin box covers to make the board faster. Choose the most forward position for your rigg and move it step by step further back to find your ideal set up.
For kids: Move the two side fins from the tail to the center position

Ideal sail sizes: up to 6.5m2

SUP wave and flat water performance
The very compact shape with the fast rocker line and the thruster fin set up make the TWIST an ideal SUP wave board. Mount the US fin box covers before hitting the water. Once in the waves you feel the advantages of the concave outline: your bottom turns and cut backs haven’t been easier.

For flat water performance use the center fin set up. The double channel and the concave outline transform the TWIST into a perfect cruise SUP.

Performance Features

ENSIS twist

Ultimate stability in the water

The engineered wide nose and tail give you the important stability to get started or to wait for wind even in the choppiest water. The perfectly distributed volume supports you in your balance.

ENSIS twist

Early planing

The wide tail allows you to step into the back strap before you start and stays nicely balanced in the water.

ENSIS twist

Easy jibing

While jibing and carving the ultra thin back rails grab deep into the water and guide you smoothly through choppy waters.

ENSIS twist

Quick takeoff after touchdown

Using the TWIST with a foil, the bevelled rails ensure a quick takeoff after a touchdown.

ENSIS twist

Wave riding and foiling performance

The dual rocker concept with the channel shape technology offers two rockers in on board combined: for wave riding and foiling.

ENSIS twist

Foiling performance

The channel rocker is a very flat and fast rocker. The rocker enables the perfect angle from the foil to the board.

ENSIS twist

Wave riding performance

The side rocker gives the board its wave riding characteristics. Once you tilt the TWIST it will carve like a wave board and leave a deep track in the wave.

ENSIS twist

Planing speed and agility

The tail shape is for plenty of planing speed yet reactive in short, tight turns.

ENSIS twist

Control and high maneuverability

Once you accelerate, the concave outline and the compact shape keep the board going in the desired direction. The concave deck shape gives you all the control you need.

More features

ENSIS twist

Comfortable pad with tail kicker

The grooved diamond deck pad with tail kicker gives you a perfect grip and control.

ENSIS twist

Convenient carrying

The ergonomic handle on the top of the board ensures a convenient carrying to the beach. With and without foil.

ENSIS twist

Windsurfing option

Choose the most forward position for your rigg and move it step by step back to find your ideal set up. For windsurf foiling start the initial rigg position in the middle of the mast track.

ENSIS twist

Foil position options

Wing and SUP foiling: Choose the most forward position and move it step by step back to find your ideal set up. Windsurf foiling: Start with the middle position and move back to find the set up that suits you the most.

ENSIS twist

Thruster fin setup

This set up is ideal for windsurfing and SUP wave riding.

ENSIS surf

Center fin setup

This set up is ideal for kids learning how to windsurf and for anyone cruising on flat water using the TWIST as a SUP.


TWIST board bag

There is a specifically designed ENSIS TWIST board bag for each board size. Many practical details such as compression straps, padded shoulder strap, screw pocket and foil center zipper help you protect and carry your ENSIS board.

Foil knee leash

The ENSIS coiled knee leash has a padded velcro loop and a heavy duty swivel. At full length it measures 140 cm long.

ENSIS twist


ENSIS footstraps offer a comfortable fit, a memory fitting and a screw system.

ENSIS twist

Center and side fins

For the thruster and center fin set up a 25cm GFK US box fin and a pair of 4.55’’ FCS2 side fins are included.


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