F-One Foil Alu Fuselage 74 Surf

F-ONE Foil Alu Fuselage 74 Surf

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  • The F-ONE Alu Fuselage 74 SURF provides an ultra-rigid wing connection. Built in aluminum, it is very strong and allows the suitable front wings and stabilizers to be connected effortlessly.
    • Ideal stability
    • Robust and durable

    This fuselage connects directly to F-ONE aluminum masts. It is made of superior-grade aluminum 6061, CNC machined with high precision and fully anodized. The aluminum profiles make the most of this homogeneous material to offer perfect rigidity, both in torsion and in bending.

    This fuselage is recommended for the front wings of the GRAVITY FCT and PHANTOM FCT ranges. It is supplied with the necessary screws to connect the mast (2x M6-25mm) and the stabilizer (2x M6-15mm).

    You cannot use a carbon mast on this fuselage.

WEIGHT: 0.97 kg
SIZE : 74 cm


  • Artikelgewicht: 0.97 kg
  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite: https://www.f-one.world/product/alu-fuselage-74-surf/

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