F-One Foil Fuselage Carbon Long

Foil Fuselage

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The FUSELAGE CARBON is an essential complement to the F-ONE Monobloc carbon wings. It connects with the front wing behind the TITAN mast slot in an area where the loads are reduced. Still, the shape of the connection is inspired from the TITAN design and offers a very robust and stiff assembly. At the back, the cradle for the stabilizer is designed with the right angle to make the front wing fly with ease and efficiency.

The FUSELAGE CARBON is built in pre-preg carbon with a foam core to keep the weight extremely light. Some solidly anchored brass inserts are used for all fastenings.

  • Better stability
  • Best pumping
  • Ultra-light carbon construction

This fuselage is recommended with the GRAVITY CARBON range. Our carbon fuselages are available in different sizes. A longer fuselage will bring more stability, while a shorter fuselage will help with sharp and quick turns.

Weight: 0.20 kg
Length: 41 cm

Ref. 77207-0205


  • Produkttyp: Foil Fuselage
  • Sportart: WingsurfenFoilen
  • Modelljahr: 2022
  • Produkteigenschaften

  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite: https://www.f-one.world/product/fuselage-carbon-long/

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