F-One Foil Mast Top Dkf

F-ONE Foil Mast Top Dkf

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The F-ONE aluminum windsurf mast is different from our standard masts. It has a reinforced profile that is specifically adapted to handle the loads and efforts associated with windsurfing.

This mast can be fitted only with the Deep Tuttle option. It can be fastened to the mast through a sleeve and a two-bolt system. This top part is machined out of solid blocks of 6061 aluminum. The accuracy of the CNC ensures that the geometry of the connection is perfect. Stainless steel inserts are used systematically to preserve the durability of the fastening connections.

The Deep Tuttle connection is compatible with all boards equipped with a Deep Tuttle box. A flange has been added around the base of the head to better spread the load through the structure of the board.

Ref. 77207-0901 / 77207-0902 / 77207-0403


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