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F-One Foil Mast Top Plate

Foil Mast

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The F-ONE aluminum mast can be connected to the board with several options. Choose from a 4-bolt top plate, a standard Tuttle head, a KF or a DKF head.

All versions are fastened to the mast through a sleeve and a two-bolt system. The Mast Top parts are machined out of solid blocks of 6061 aluminum. The accuracy of the CNC makes sure the geometry of the connection is perfect. Stainless steel inserts are used systematically to preserve the durability of the fastening connections.

The Top Plate has become standard on the market and is compatible with any board featuring a Twin-Tracks system. The spacing we use for the four screws is 160?90 mm, but our latest version also features an option for 165?90 mm.

The Top Tuttle makes F-ONE foils compatible with all Tuttle boards. The Tuttle format is the original and standard one. A flange has been added around the base of the head to better spread the load through the structure of the board. The KF and DKF heads make current F-ONE foils compatible with kite or SUP foil boards produced previously with these boxes.

Refs: 77207-0401 (mast top plate) / 77207-0404 (mast top tuttle) / 77207-0403 (mast top deep kf) / 77207-0402 (mast top kf)


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