Naish Surf Hover Ascend Pu PU 5'5''


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NAISH SURF Hover ASCEND PU - Catching small waves early and getting to your feet quickly is the key to surf foiling and the Ascend makes this as intuitive and easy as possible. Low overall rockers combined with compact, wide and parallel outlines gives these boards great paddling stability and speed. The concave deck provides a super comfortable and stable paddling platform. It also makes it easier to find the center line sweet spot while getting to your feet. Based on our Hover 112 kite foilboard, the Ascend range has beveled rails running from nose to tail. This smooths the transition while getting up onto the foil and allows you to carve hard without catching rail. These features make the Ascend the clear choice for both first time foilers and those looking for the ultimate all-round foilboard they'll never outgrow.


  • Länge (cm): 165.1 cm
  • Länge (ft/inch): 5'5"

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