Naish Windsurfboard Galaxy S26 - Multicolor 145

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The Galaxy is a widebody freeride board that's equally at home on the fin or on the foil. Well balanced and early planing, the Galaxy is incredibly easy to jibe for a board of its width. The wide tail with a generous amount of surface area guarantees early planing while the cutouts reduce wetted surface area when up to speed, providing great top end performance. Featuring a foil-ready Deep Tuttle box and multiple foot strap options, the Galaxy will allow you to tune and perfectly adapt to any conditions that are available. 


  • Level Deck Shape 
  • Tail Cut Outs 
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps 
  • Medium Density Footpads 
  • MFC HF Ride Fin 
  • Reinforced Deep Tuttle Foil Box 
  • Multiple Foot Strap Positions 
  • Foil Ready


Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
125 L 240 cm 77 cm Up to 8.6 Deep Tuttle Foil Box MFC HF Ride Fin 48 cm
145 L 242 cm 82 cm Up to 9.4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box MFC HF Ride Fin 48 cm


Vario Ergonomic Footstraps (4)

Windsurf 1150 Foil Complete - Deep Tuttle

(Sold Separately)


  • Länge (cm): 145 cm
  • Länge (ft/inch): 4'9"
  • Breite (cm): 82 cm
  • Breite (ft/inch): 32.3"
  • Volumen: 145 L

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