Severne Foil Freek

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The new FoilFreek is higher aspect to minimize any fore-aft movement of the power in the sail, keeping it balanced directly above the foil. Taller sails provide more leverage, improving the light wind efficiency. And the longer, stiffer masts enable increased skin tension for better high wind control.

The FoilFreek uses the new Gradient Panel Technology. Corners have overlapped panels which reduces the amount of patching. At the same time these overlapped areas extend into the body of the sail so it transitions the load much better, less stretch over time. It's a more stable way of building sails.

Rather than a single curved luff panel, the FoilFreek uses separate panels that radiate out of the head and tack corners. This perfectly aligns the sail material with the direction of load. Previously the curved panel would have bias stretch in all the wrong places. Direct transmission of power. Increased longevity.


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