TAHE Fish 5'10

60 - 69 kg

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5'10" Fish

The versatile 5'10 Fish is renowned as the ideal first surfboard for grommets as much as it regarded as an excellent small-wave board for accomplished surfers of approximately 100-155lbs/45-70kg.

Offering the stability and buoyancy of a longboard with the manoeuvrability of a shortboard packing a lot of volume into its short length. The secret is a short, wide design, allowing it to catch waves early for a board of its size. While suitable for small children just starting out, it nonetheless packs a punch when ridden by a more experienced surfer.

Key Features & Benefits

Exclusive DURA-TEC construction For extreme durability, excellent value for money and worry-free reliability

Proven shapesBy legendary shapers Gerard DABBADIE and Peter PAN for riders of all sizes

Built-in nose guardTo enhance product lifetime

FCS fins Come standard with every board

Sustainably made in FranceAt our own factory with strict environmental and working condition standards

Key Features & Benefits


  • Länge (cm): 178 cm
  • Grosse Wellen: 0
  • Niveau Min: 6.25
  • Niveau Max: 43.75
  • Mittlere Wellen: 50
  • Länge (ft/inch): 5'10"
  • Kleine Wellen: 100
  • Breite (cm): 52 cm
  • Breite (ft/inch): 20.5"
  • Höhe/Dicke (cm): 6.5 cm
  • Höhe/Dicke (ft/inch): 2.6"
  • Volumen: 35 L
  • Artikelgewicht: 4.3 kg
  • Max Fahrergewicht: 70 kg
  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite: https://tahesport.com/global_tahe/5-10-fish-rigid-thermoformed-107122

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