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TAHE/BIC Sup-Yak Air Beach Pack 10'6

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BIC Sup-Yak Air Beach Pack

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10'6" Beach SUP-YAK

The 10’6 BEACH SUP-YAK is a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 inflatable paddle board package for 1-person use. With a 300lb/135kg max load there’s plenty of extra capacity for kids, pets and gear! A kayak conversion kit is sold separately (included with item 107252). The innovative design combines comfort and convenience for endless play time on the water with family and friends whether standing, seated or lounging around.

STAND UP AND EXPLORE –Stable and sturdy underfoot thanks to high-pressure drop-stitch construction paired with a confidence-inspiring shape.With a capacity of 300 pounds the entire family will be walking on water in no time!

SIT DOWN AND CRUISE –The optional evated seat, footrest and hybrid paddle are easy to set-up, converting from paddle board to sit-on-top kayak in seconds. They provide unmatched comfort and control by optimizing body position and alignment for kayaking. The innovative Daisy Chain Attachment System lets you customize seat and footrest position for riders of all shapes and sizes.

LOUNGE AROUND –The Daisy Chain Attachment System creates a clutter free deck area to call home on the water while you play or relax. A soft and grippy deck pad runs the entire length of the board, perfect for pets, kids, yoga and naps.

Key Features & Benefits

Lightweight and Portable Weighs just 23 lbs/10.4kg, less than half of a similarly sized rigid kayak. Complete kit packs neatly in the included backpack and weighs just 32lbs/14.5kg

Stable & Sturdy Shape – Ideal for riders up to 300lbs/135kg 34” at the center with a wide, stable stern that smoothly transitions to a narrower bow for improved glide

Complete Package Almost everything you need for a day on the water

Daisy Chain Attachment System (DCAS)For ultimate versatility and customization

Tip to Tail Comfort PaddingFor full use of the entire deck area. Great for kids, pets, yoga and naps.

Completely Customizable Customize location of kayak seat, footrest, deck bungee, and other accessories

Remove all accessories And enjoy a plush, clutter-free deck area for paddle boarding, family fun, yoga and lounging

2x reinforcement rail stringers Provide added stiffness and dampening in choppy conditions

Bow, Center and Stern carry handles for easy transport by one or 2 people and for ease of re-boarding after swimming

Bow and Stern bungee rigging for securing gearDaisy Chain Attachment System allows you to customize bungee location and accessories for your needs

Removable 9” Center Fin For superior tracking

Dry Ride - 6” thick military grade drop-stitch constructionDurable, rigid and buoyant

Twin Stringer Stiffening Technology (TSST)

Removable 9” Center Fin for superior tracking

Key Features & Benefits


  • Länge (cm): 320 cm
  • Länge (ft/inch): 10'6"
  • Breite (cm): 86 cm
  • Breite (ft/inch): 34"
  • Höhe/Dicke (cm): 15 cm
  • Höhe/Dicke (ft/inch): 6"
  • Volumen: 325 L
  • Artikelgewicht: 10.5 kg
  • Fahrergewicht: 135 kg
  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite:

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