TAHE Mini Malibu 7'3

70 - 79 kg

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7'3" Mini Malibu

The Mini-Malibu is a well rounded board meant for learning and progressing.A entry-level board for new surfers up to 175lbs/80kg, it features a refined combination of stability for ease of paddling and enough performance to make it fun for the more advanced surfer.

Versatile and a joy to ride, the Mini-Malibu surfboard will take you from your first ever surfing experience to gliding down the unbroken wave face and cutting back into the pocket.

Durable enough to survive learn-to-surf wipeouts that leave other boards on the beach, this low-cost board will bring you hours of fun In a great range of wave conditions.

DURA-TEC combines an ultra-durable polyethylene outer shell (like a kayak but lighter weight) with a full polyurethane foam core (like that found in traditional surfboards)

These materials are thermoformed in steel molds to ensure consistent and accurate reproduction of the original shape. Proven and long lasting with great performance, we’ve been making recreational wind and surf boards like this since the 1980’s and many are still on the water today!

Key Features & Benefits

Exclusive DURA-TEC construction For extreme durability, excellent value for money and worry-free reliability

Proven shapesBy legendary shapers Gerard DABBADIE and Peter PAN for riders of all sizes

Built-in nose guardTo enhance product lifetime

FCS fins Come standard with every board

Sustainably made in FranceAt our own factory with strict environmental and working condition standards

Key Features & Benefits


  • Sportart: Surfen
  • Dicke cm: 0 - 9 cm
  • Volumen (L): 40-49 L
  • Gewicht Fahrer (kg): 70 - 79 kg
  • Gewicht Produkt (kg): 5.00 - 5.99 kg
  • Dicke inch: 3"
  • Breite inch: 21"
  • Breite cm: 50 - 59 cm
  • Länge cm: 220 - 229 cm
  • Länge inch: 7'3"
  • Produkteigenschaften

  • Länge (cm): 220 cm
  • Länge (ft/inch): 7'3"
  • Breite (cm): 54 cm
  • Breite (ft/inch): 21.25"
  • Höhe/Dicke (cm): 6.4 cm
  • Höhe/Dicke (ft/inch): 2.5"
  • Volumen: 46 L
  • Artikelgewicht: 5.6 kg
  • Fahrergewicht: 80 kg
  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite: https://tahesport.com/global_tahe/7-3-mini-malibu-rigid-thermoformed-107125

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