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TAHE Breeze Air Wing Pack 11'0''

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2 Styles · Board Aufblasbar · 90 - 99 kg

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11'0" Breeze Wing

The Breeze 11’ Wing inflatable complete package is the perfect board for flat-water cruising with family and friends as well as going on longer distance touring-style adventures. The 11’ Wing AIR works great for novice riders up to 220lbs/100kg

This COMPLETE PACKAGE includes rigid inflatable board, adjustable paddle, safety ankle leash, backpack, high-pressure pump with gauge, repair kit, deck bungee for gear storage, carry handles at center, nose and tail, tie down o-rings at nose and tail, “yoga-mat” style traction pad for comfort and grip.

Our unique SUP AIR construction technology features a dual layer stringer and side rails for rigidity combined with rugged drop-stitch panels to reduce weight without sacrificing durability.

Key Features & Benefits

VersatileFor All-Around use and Touring

Ultra-Light ConstructionFor ease of transport

10” Removable Center Center FinFor excellent tracking

Carry Handles at nose, tail and centerFor easy transport

Soft EVA embossed traction padFor comfort and control

Deck Bungee Storage Area

Key Features & Benefits


  • Länge (cm): 335.3 cm
  • Niveau Min: 6.25
  • Länge (ft/inch): 11'0"
  • Niveau Max: 50
  • Breite (cm): 81 cm
  • Breite (ft/inch): 32"
  • Höhe/Dicke (cm): 15 cm
  • Höhe/Dicke (ft/inch): 6"
  • Volumen: 305 L
  • Artikelgewicht: 10.4 kg
  • Max Fahrergewicht: 100 kg
  • Artikel-URL Herstellerwebsite:

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